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Death cases


The death of each Indian citizen that occurs in the Sultanate of Oman has to be registered in the Indian Embassy. Under Omani labour laws the sponsor is responsible for the disposal of the dead body. Following are the formalities which have to be completed by the sponsor, when the death of an Indian citizen occurs in Oman

First of all the sponsor of the deceased has to inform the nearest Police Station where death has occurred and should obtain a Death Notification from the concerned hospital where the death is registered. On the basis of Death Notification, Royal Oman police (Civil Registration Dept, Seeb) will issue a Death Certificate.

[All the particulars of the deceased like name, date, time, passport number, including cause of the death of the deceased are mentioned in the Death Notification issued by the concerned hospital.


Documents required by the Mission at the time of reporting a death case:


The Mission issues a No Objection Certificate to release the dead body from the hospital upon receipt of the following documents:-

  1. Original Death Notification along with a photocopy
  2. Original passport of the deceased along with a photocopy
  3. Labour Card copy
  4. Letter from the sponsor of the deceased requesting No Objection Certificate from the Embassy for Air Lifting or Local burial/cremation, whatever is the case.
  5. Registration fee of Baize 200 will be charged by the Embassy

Apart from the above, the following are the details of the expenses charged by the ROP Hospital Qurum / Khoula Hospital, Mina Al Fahal for airlifting the dead body to India:


Embalming Charges (Charged by ROP) RO 123.000
(Charged by Khoula Hospital) R.O .100.000
Handling Charges (Charged by Airport Cargo) RO 77.000(approax)
Casket Charges RO 180.000 - 200.000


Post Mortem


Normally we ask for postmortem in all the cases except Road Traffic Accident (TRA) cases.

Natural Death: In case the next of kin does not want the postmortem of the dead body to be performed, then Embassy needs a letter from the next of kin requesting the Embassy to waive off the postmortem. The next of kin in India has to make a letter requesting for waiver of Post Mortem on stamp paper signed by a Notary Public in India. It has to be faxed to the Community Welfare Dept. on fax No. 24684546/24698291.

Road Traffic Accident (RTA): No postmortem needed according to Oman Labour Laws.

Suicide or Murder casesPostmortem of the dead body is must irrespective of whoever requests the Embassy to waive off the postmortem.

On receiving all the above-mentioned documents along with the prescribed fee, Embassy issues NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE requesting the concerned local authorities for providing necessary assistance to the representative of the sponsor regarding embalming, sealing and airlifting the dead body to India.


Criteria of postmortem for salalah Death Cases


Since the postmortem facility is not available in Salalah, Royal Oman Police ask for no objection letter from the next of kin for waiving off the postmortem of the deceased’s body in each and every death case (including Road Traffic Accident). In case the next of kin wants the postmortem to be performed, then the sponsor or the relative of the deceased has to bring the body from Salalah to Muscat and get the postmortem performed.


Local Burial/Cremation of the dead body


In case the Next of Kin wants the dead body to be buried locally in Oman, Embassy needs a letter from the NEXT OF KIN on stamp paper signed by a Notary Public in India stating that he/she has no objection for local burial/cremation, apart from the above mentioned documents.

Cancellation of Passport of the deceased: when the Embassy issues No Objection Certificate for airlifting/local burial/cremation of the dead body, at that moment Embassy put a stamp "CANCELLED" on 3-4 pages and cut the corners of the passport of the deceased and return the passport to the sponsor.

The sponsor along with No Objection Certificate issued by the Embassy and notification of Death form has to contact the Police Station where death case was registered initially for obtaining NOC from the Police Station for getting release of the dead body from the Hospital and for completing rest of the formalities (like embalming, quarantine and sealing of the coffin etc. in case the dead body is to be airlifted to India and the formalities relating to local burial or cremation, whatever is the case).After getting NOC from Embassy can approach Civil Status Seeb for getting Death Certificate.

Once the sponsor has obtained the necessary certificates regarding embalming, quarantine and sealing of the coffin, he should approach Cargo Office, Seeb with 12 copies of each set including passport for handing over all the papers to Cargo.

In the case of an un-accompanied body being airlifted to India, next of kin of the deceased should approach the concerned airlines’ local office in India with a letter requesting them to receive the dead body. Upon receiving the request from the next of kin of the deceased, concerned airlines’ office in India will send a fax to their representative office in the Sultanate of Oman conveying their consent to receive the un-accompanied dead body in India. Once the local airlines’ office in Oman receives the consent, relative or friends of the deceased can make the necessary bookings for the dead body with the concerned airlines.


Salalah and other interior death cases


On the basis of the intimation received by fax, Embassy issues its No Objection Certificate to the sponsor of the deceased to get release of the dead body from the concerned hospital. Sponsor must produce Embassy’s No Objection Certificate, otherwise hospital authorities will not release the dead body. Prior approval and appointment of the ROP Qurum Mortuary authorities is necessary before the dead body is shifted from the interior hospital to Muscat and also for performing the postmortem of the body at ROP Qurum Mortuary. Once the sponsor/relative arrives in Muscat with the dead body, he should approach the Indian Embassy for depositing the prescribed fee and original documents required for death registration and collecting the original NOC and for cancellation of the passport of the deceased.

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Interior Death cases other than Salalah


Death related cases, contact numbers in Embassy: 24684572/24684569/24684500
Embassy’s Helpline: Tel.No.24695981(24*7) Tollfree 80071234
In case of emergency, the following Officer may be contacted – Mr. R. C. Dangwal, Attache (CW),
Embassy of India Tel.No. 24684570 / 92769735


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