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With a view to further streamline and rationalize the existing visa fee regime, Government of India has proposed various changes in the existing visa fee structure for foreign visitors travelling to India, including Omanis. There has been a growing interest amongst the people of Oman for travelling to India for tourism, business, leisure and medical treatment, which is reflected in the fact that the Embassy of India, Muscat, issued over 95,000 visas in 2016 and it has already issued over 20,000 visas in first 2 months of 2017. In order to increase the number of medical tourists to India and to project India as a preferred medical destination due to its world class medical facilities, the Government has decided to reduce Medical Visa fee as compared to Tourist Visa fee. From April 01, 2017, Medical Visa applicants will have to pay OMR 30.900 for visa valid upto 6 months and OMR 46.300 for visa valid upto one year.

It may be noted that Embassy of India, Muscat, has taken steps to boost medical tourism to India, including fast processing of Medical Visa applications and opening of a separate counter at M/s. BLS Visa Application Centre for receiving applications for Medical Visas. The recent decision to reduce Medical Visa fee as compared to Tourist Visa fee will greatly benefit the patients and their attendants. All Omani nationals, who want to visit India to avail world class medical treatment at competitive costs, are requested to travel to India on Medical Visa only and not on tourism or any other visa.

The Government of India is committed to facilitate visits of businesspersons to India including businesspersons from Oman. Therefore, it has been decided to issue, from April 01, 2017, Business Visa valid upto one year at a fee of OMR 46.300. Businesspersons, with strong and long-standing business relations with India, who are required to travel to India frequently at a short notice, will be offered Business Visa valid upto 5 years at OMR 96.300. Further, the Government has revised the Tourist Visa fee to OMR 38.600 for visa valid upto one year and OMR 77.100 for visa valid upto 5 years. Entry Visa fee for the people going for training or other purposes will be OMR 30.900 for Entry Visa valid upto 6 months while OMR 46.300 fee will be for visa valid from 6 months to one year. Further, a fee of OMR 77.100 will be charged for Entry Visa for duration ranging from one year to 5 years. Please note that all the revised visa fees mentioned above will be charged from April 01, 2017 and do not include the contribution of OMR 1.000 to ICWF and visa application processing charges of OMR 1.650 levied by M/s. BLS.



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